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Engineering Servicess

Reverse Engineering

Companies that need to understand the complexities of the existing product design and check for better reliability and/or to enhance the product for improved function, break down the product into its initial parts for analysis.

At PrimeProgression, we employ experienced mechanical engineers that are capable to archive, examine, rebuild, or alter existing devices, systems and create a 3D model of any component that the client needs to examine. We are very cost effective and can provide efficient solution to your reverse engineering needs, perfect for manufacturing or R&D.


CAD / CAM services

PrimeProgression can support you to transfer all your CAD data into a unified single CAD platform of projects currently being used. We employ new and high-end CAD system with advanced features that will suit your designs and engineering works.

CAD migration is a frequent need encountered due to data compatibility, changes in software formats, process complexity. We can assist you to save your engineers’ valuable time they would consume translating your CAD files from one software format to another format, by which your engineering team can focus on core design projects.

Our engineers have extensive experience in planning and implementing CAD migration solutions, assuring model integrity, can support to transfer your CAD data from the current system where the models were created to the new CAD system.